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Embark On A Journey To Make The World A Safer Place

Holding strong to our Group’s Vision, our business roadmap focuses on expanding our network through the establishment of 35 Chain Offices and 300 Franchise Offices at ASEAN region. Now that we have built up a strong foundation in our Central Management Hub, we are able to ensure a successful combination of keeping overheads to a minimum and fully supporting our Chain Offices and Franchisees via our FASTIC® System.

Benefits as IPM's Associates


We offer one of the most sought after career path, molding great to greatest, with ample space for personal and career development. Source no further for an accountable and reliable career opportunity.​


Time is gold. We encourage flexible working hours. As long as tasks meet requirements, leaving the office on time or even earlier to beat the traffic is not a problem. We also believe that working from home can be more efficient and effective, saving travel time and unnecessary unproductive hours.​


Being a professional engineer or managing integrated projects can now earn you extra wages. It can be your side income as we appreciate your expertise. It may also become your main source of income.
Your choice.


Our database of clienteles consists of mostly established and reputable organizations. Hence, dealing with big to mega projects is a norm and learning opportunities never stop. Having multiple gains of practical and hands on experiences is also expected.


Having broad opportunities for self-development as well as progressive career advancement is often an important factor candidates look for. Not only we provide that, but we also offer heaps of prospects to build up your personal branding.

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at;
its the construction of the foundation
that will stand the test of time.

-David Allan Coe

Can't wait to be part of the change the world needs?
Apply now according to your area of expertise: 

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