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Time Performance: The Common Challenges

Time performance is one of the fundamental criteria for success of any construction project. A delay in project may cause losses in time, cost, and eventually the quality of the project. Unfortunately, construction projects are often delayed due to design and documentation issues, which are highly correlated to poor coordination and communication.

Our Solution:

FASTIC® System

Our success in securing fluid project progress is attributed to the implementation of FASTIC® System, which is our in-house developed system used to facilitate communication and coordination between parties, and to monitor project planning, scheduling, progress, and status.

A) Speedy Drawing Submission

We have sufficient manpower to facilitate the submission for approval as soon as our clients have confirmed the drawings.

B) Quick Response

We have experienced personnel to respond to government’s comments in the shortest of time to ensure fast approval of drawings.

C) Constant Monitoring

We are proactive in status monitoring and we follow up our submissions very closely to provide instant updates to our clients.

D) Systematic Documentation

All corresponding documents are filed safely and organised systematically for easy tracking.

Safety: The Common Challenges

Most defects in construction projects are due to human error, particularly due to problems arising in the design stage. These problems include poor communication, inadequate information or failure to check information, inadequate control, lack of technical expertise and skills, and ineffective feedback leading to recurring errors.

Our Solution:

Nothing weighs more than public safety.

In IPM, we understand that it is only when we could generate strong foundation during the initial stage, that we could achieve minimal defect in the final construction. For this reason, we always put our major focus on generating zero-error drawings to ensure a perfect foundation and structure of the building.

Safety Measure 1 - Effective Communication

With the aid of our FASTIC® System, we have ensured an effective coordination and avoided any possible communication breakdown during the design stage.

Safety Measure 2 - Centralize Control

All technical drawings produced will be submitted to the Central Management Hub to be checked by a team of experienced professionals. Further amendment and checking are performed before it is endorsed for submission.

Safety Measure 3 - Computer Aided Checking

In order to maximise our resources and to minimise any human errors, we have invested a considerable amount to upgrade our computer system and server system. Every single detail in our drawings and checking processes are aided by the latest design and detailing software.

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