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Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical engineering design in a building function to provide efficient design in developing and maintaining electrical systems for power distribution networks, buildings, and transportation systems. IPM Professional Services cover a wide range of consultations on the design, construction, and installation of electrical systems ranging from residential, commercial to industrial plants. We provide various electrical design consultancy services including internal lighting, lightning protection, street lighting, telephone infrastructure, electricity supply, main switch board (MSB), etc.

Scope of electrical engineering services that we provide:

    1. Internal Lighting
      Design and layout for overall building lighting in accordance with MS1525 Lighting Practice and Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Guidelines.
    2. Lightning Protection
      Lightning risk increase allows Malaysia to adopt the IEC 62305 as Malaysian Standard (MS) for this system. This service aims to reduce lighting threats to humans, properties, and the environment.
    3. Street Lighting
      Provision for street lighting is to be determined and owned depending on the site locations such as for local authorities, street/ highway developers, or TNB.
    4. Telephone Infrastructure
      Service includes supervision and infrastructure works for underground ducting, manholes, telephone cables, fiber optic cables for Wi-Fi, and telephone implementation.
    5. Electricity Supply
      Malaysia’s (peninsular) electricity system is mainly supplied by TNB for distribution powers of 33kV, 11kV, and 400/230 V. Services include supply application for High & Extra High Voltage, Medium Voltage, and Low Voltage in accordance with standard acts, regulations, and code.
    6. Main Switch Board (MSB)
      Act as a single point where electricity enters the building. Switchboard panels function as power distribution points for different parts of the site, building electrical protection, monitoring electricity status and quality, and as backup power to prevent power interruption.

We provide professional electrical engineering design services including:

      • Provide detailed design drawings.
      • Prepare bill of quantities and tender documents.
      • Tender evaluation.
      • Obtain construction approvals.
      • Monitor the construction to ensure conformance to the approved drawings.
      • Obtaining supporting letters from local authorities and related external technical agencies which will be construed as compulsory documents for CCC.
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