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Fire Safety Audit

The objective of the Fire Safety Audit services is to review the existing development/building, establish the compliance to regulations, adequacy of provisions, and recommend areas of improvement with respect to code compliance and operation.

The fire safety audit is proposed when clients are intending to purchase, sell, or rent a commercial or industrial property, e.g. retail lot, commercial development, factory, warehouse, etc. It is crucial to conduct the audit to protect the interests of both buyer and seller/ owner and tenant, so that there will be no argument if the fire safety issues happen in the future, most important to protect public safety too. The fire safety audit will highlight to client about the current conditions of the fire protection system, potential problems, and the recommendation for the problems found.

The scope of fire safety audit generally inclusive the following:

      1. The compliance of current design with Bomba or Local Authority requirements and guidelines
      2. Sprinkler System
      3. Wet Riser and Hose Reel System
      4. Fire Detection and Fire Alarm
      5. Fire Extinguishers
      6. Smoke Spill System
      7. Fire Compartmentalization / Smoke Screen

Our services shall cover the followings:

      1. Review of as built drawings, technical specifications of the equipment/material against site condition.
      2. Carry out visual inspection of main plants and equipment. Observe the current condition of plants/ equipment and identify the potential problems.
      3. Review approved Bomba Plan and non-compliance notices issued by relevant authorities.
      4. Comment on the compliance with appropriate regulations and acceptable management practices for fire safety.
      5. To furnish Fire Safety Audit Report based on the study and analysis.
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