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Building Condition Assessment

IPM Professional Services is experienced in providing professional Building Condition Assessment (building audit) in terms of civil, structure, mechanical and electrical assessment, based on every client’s needs. In general, this assessment is requested by the property owner, management corporation, or building manager when the related building face issues such as defects, hazards, improvements needed, or requirement from the local council.

Building Condition Assessment is a kind of “health check” for the building. It is used to determine the general condition of a building for the purposes below:

The process of the assessment starts with site visit where our engineers will inspect the building and surroundings. Activities such as photo-taking, video record, measurement, and collect information from the person in charges, as well as review available as-built drawings. After this information collected, our team will evaluate the information and produce a detailed report with observation, problem, and recommendation/ proposal. The results of the assessment and information gathered are also useful for future building maintenances, retrofitting works or building extension. The presentation can be done based on the client’s needs.

The scope of Building Condition Assessment may include not limited to:

Building Defect Assessment shall be conducted if major building defects discovered.

Our Experiences:

Periodic Inspection of Buildings
(Pemeriksaan Bangunan Berkala)

IPM Professional Services is experienced in providing Visual Inspection including inspect the building conditions, prepare related reports with the proper formats and liaise with the local council to obtain the Certificate of Completion of Inspection (“Sijil Penyempurnaan Pemeriksaan”)

Under Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974: Section 85A, visual inspection is compulsory to be carried out for 10 years old tall building (exceeding 5 storeys), and the subsequent inspection shall be repeated in 10 years basis. The objective of the visual inspection is to assess the condition and performance of the building to ensure the building is safe to occupy for another 10 years. Therefore, the report will conclude the level of building safety.

In common practice, the local authority (LA) will inform the building owner or management corporation by written notice. As soon as the notice is received, the building owner or management corporation has to engage the Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate (PEPC) to carry out visual inspection for the building. Upon the completion of the inspection, a report will be prepared by PEPC and submitted to the LA within the stipulated time frame.

The report will consist of the 5 main chapters, which include the introduction of the building, observation during the visual inspection, the root cause of defects, proposed rectification measures, and conclusion (safe or unsafe). If the PEPC in his opinion that the structural defect will likely endanger or reduce the structural integrity, then the PEPC shall recommend a full structural investigation (Building Defect Assessment) to be carried out and it will be under the separate scope of services.

Sample Notice of Local Authority

Sample “Sijil Penyempurnaan Pemeriksaan”

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