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Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical engineering design functions to cater services in a building to provide a conducive, safe, and comfortable environment for occupants. IPM Professional Services cover a wide range of consultations on the design, construction, and installation of mechanical systems ranging from residential, commercial to industrial plants. We provides various mechanical design consultancy services including chiller system/ air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation, cold and hot water plumbing, sanitary plumbing, rainwater harvesting, fire fighting system, hoist, lift and escalator system, etc.

Scopes of mechanical engineering services that we provide:

    1. Chiller System / Air-conditioning
      The system is widely used in commercial, retail, offices, server rooms, etc. to improve indoor air quality and the environment. It can help to achieve a thermal comfort point that ranges between 23.6°C to 28.6°C in Malaysia or provide a suitable indoor temperature for equipment which requires a specific thermal condition.
    2. Mechanical Ventilation
      Spaces in buildings that have no direct source from natural ventilation or do not reach the minimum requirement of openings (generally ranges from 5% to 10% according to UBBL 1984, By-law 39) requires installation of mechanical ventilation such as exhaust fan, spot ventilation, etc.
    3. Cold and Hot Water Plumbing and Distribution
      A good plumbing and distribution system is necessary for a building to run smoothly with sufficient water supply. Our services include design and specifications of pipe size and route, location of water tanks, and pumping station which helps to boost pressure or improve water flow rate according to SPAN guidelines.
    4. Sanitary Plumbing
      A proper sanitary plumbing system is required for all buildings to carry sewage outside the building to the main sewerage connection. Our service provides a comprehensive design, layout, and specifications for the plumbing system according to SPAN guidelines.
    5. Rainwater Harvesting
      Under the UBBL 1986, By-law 115, it was made mandatory for any development to comply with a rainwater harvesting system (SPAH) for buildings with a roofing area of 100m2 and more. This system provides a solution to reduce water demand and bills, an efficient landscape irrigation system, promotes both water and conservation, etc.
    6. Fire Fighting System
      All buildings need to comply with a specific Bomba requirement for a fire-fighting system which includes a sprinkler system, hose reel system, hydrant system as well as other requirements. This is done according to related guidelines of Malaysian Standards for Fire Safety and Protection to ensure the buildings are safe to be occupied.
    7. Hoist, Lift and Escalator System
      A vertical transportation system is usually required a in medium to large building scale to provide ease in daily operations and occupants’ accessibility. Especially for industrial developments, safe and efficient with reliable specs for hoist or cargo lifts are essential in order to operate productions smoothly.

We provide professional mechanical engineering design services including:

      • Provide detailed design drawings.
      • Prepare bill of quantities and tender documents.
      • Tender evaluation.
      • Obtain construction approvals.
      • Monitor the construction to ensure conformance to the approved drawings.
      • Obtaining supporting letters from local authorities and related external technical agencies which will be construed as compulsory documents for CCC.
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