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Building Defect Assessment

Building defects are no longer an unusual topic for the public. It does not just happen to old buildings, but also to new buildings these days. The defects can be minor or major, depending on the seriousness and impact on public safety. Type of building defects can be caused by:

Minor defects such as non-structural crack, wall dents, water leakage, corrosion, and general deterioration are incomparable to major defects such as building settlement, soil erosion, and structural crack. Minor defects are not a critical issue and normally will not create safety risks in the short term, however it may affect the structural integrity of a building in the long run which eventually creates safety hazards. Thus minor defects shall be remedied too whenever discovered. For major building defects, immediate actions and precautions must be taken without any time delay.

Building Defect Assessment is a kind of “surgery investigation” for the building. IPM Professional Services is experienced in providing Building Defect Assessment including inspect the building conditions, conducting necessary investigations, and produce a defect appraisal report. Our defect appraisal report will consist of observations, discussion, recommendations and conclusions (whichever relevant) with Professional Engineer’s endorsement. Building Defect Assessment will also need to be conducted if major defects found during the process of Building Condition Assessment.

In a nutshell, building defects are building flaws or design faulty or side effects from natural disasters that may impact the building structure, leading to the reduction of a building’s life span. The defect may not cause aesthetic issues but also can danger the safety of the users, the worst may cause the building collapse or fire. Thus it is vital to engage professional consultants to conduct Building Defect Assessment in order to find out the root causes and possible solutions to solve the building defect problems.

Stay alert and never look down at building defects!

Common Building Defects

Other Building Defect Assessment:

After Fire Structural Inspection – to access the structural integrity of the building.

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