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Machine Design & Engineering

Many factory owners or SME manufacturers face the hassle and finding difficulties in running their business due to machine problems or maintenance part issues for the reasons below:

•  Unable to locate the origin manufacturer
•  Missing P&ID drawings for maintenance
•  Unable to trace/ missing drawings on their replacement/ maintenance parts
•  Insufficient of suitable jigs & fixtures

With the major problems above, factory owners or SME manufacturers may not be able to ensure a smooth production/ process for their end products and eventually causing delays or possible losses. IPM Professional Services is extending our services to machine engineering, targeted to assist our clients to overcome the hassle and problems faced. Our services are as stated below:

    1. As-built Drawings for Machines

      1. 3D and 2D Detail Drawings

        In some cases, the client has machines which already obsolete or unable to find the origin manufacturer. Therefore need to engage engineering services to reverse engineering the machine. Reverse engineering of the machine can be similar to the original design or improve the design as requested by the client.

      2. Simple P&ID Drawings

        Some clients will require their facilities/ machines to be equipped with the latest P&ID drawings for their maintenance purpose. Hence, we can produce the P&ID drawings for the facilities/ machines with cooperation and information from the maintenance teams.

    2. Reverse Engineering on Replacement/ Maintenance Parts

      Some manufacturing companies do not have the drawings on their replacement/ maintenance parts. We have the capability to do reverse engineering and fabricate the replacement/ maintenance parts.

    3. Design and Fabricate Jigs & Fixtures

      In manufacturing industries, jigs and fixtures are important work-holding manufacturing tools in the machining process such as machining fixtures, assembly jigs, checking fixtures, etc. We provide machine engineering services to design and fabricate jigs and fixtures to cater to the client’s needs.

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