About Ir. Lau Yeo Shin

Professional Engineers & Building Consultants In Malaysia - IPM

Graduated from The University of British Columbia, Canada in the year 2012, Ir. Lau Yeo Shin has equipped himself with 8 years of civil and structural engineering consultancy experience covering projects in both public and private sectors. Currently, Ir. Lau serves as the technical partner of IPM Professional Services, specialises in steel and concrete structure design where he has successfully completed MRT bus depot structural design, NSK wholesale market structure design, multiple luxurious bungalow design, Malborough College Malaysia building structure design, etc. Besides, Ir. Lau has also completed multiple infra design projects including earthwork, road, drainage system, sewer network, and water reticulation designs. He is the key engineer for the infra design of 400 acres CGPV IBS industrial estate master development and multiple residential and industrial developments locally in Johor.

Aside from his civil & structural engineer career, he also contributed actively in the Young Engineers Section (YES) of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (Southern Branch). He served the institution for 4 years and he was the Committee and Treasurer of YES (Southern Branch). Throughout his service in the section for the past few years, he participated actively in organising various engineering activities for fellow engineers.

Ir. Lau Yeo Shin
B.A.SC (Hons) Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) (Civil)
P.Eng Professional Engineer
MIEM Member of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia

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