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1. How much capital for starting up?

You shall have RM500,000 (approximately USD120,000) to start-up your franchise business, which includes franchise fees, renovation expenses and working capital.

2. Does IPM offer financing assistance or periodically instalment?

We do not offer periodically instalment. We may provide you with our preferred financial institution but franchisees are required to meet certain criteria.

3. Any specific office size required?

Yes, office size must be at least 22’x70’ for 7 people operation without director room. If director room is required, the office size must be at least 24’x 75’.

4. Any training provided to franchisee and is there any limitation? If yes, what are the charges for subsequent/ additional trainings?

Yes, complimentary training will be provided to 4 franchisee’s staffs, which include 2 Design Engineers (4 weeks), 1 Administrative Clerk (2 weeks) and 1 Submission Officer (2 weeks). If subsequent/ additional training is required, training fees will be charged as below:

PositionTraining DurationTraining Fees
Design Engineer4 weeksRM4,000 (Malaysia) / USD2,000 (International)
Administrative Clerk2 weeksRM1,500 (Malaysia) / USD750 (International)
Submission Officer2 weeksRM1,500 (Malaysia) / USD750 (International)


5. How much is the estimated annual profit for franchisee?

Profit can be up to 30% (more or less), depends on your pricing strategy, sales volume, and expenses control.

6. How much is the royalty fee?

10% of monthly gross revenue.

7. What is the procedure to get my proposed office location approved?

You are responsible to look for a suitable office location and propose to us. We will assist you in evaluating your market study and carry out inspection at the proposed office and advice accordingly.

8. How do I get a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

First of all, you are required to complete the Franchise Online Application Form. Once we have received and reviewed your application, we will arrange an interview session with you. Once your interview is successful, we will send you the FDD.

9. What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The term of the Franchise Agreement is 5 years, subject to renewal.

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