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Sustainable Architecture Series 001 Regen Villages, a Visionary Eco-Village

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Sustainable Architecture Series 001 Regen Villages, a Visionary Eco-Village

Author: Kim Zhao Wei

In the 21st century, we are transitioning from an industrialised minded economy into a clean and recyclable economy. Today, the focus are emphasising on minimising wastage of resources, the reusability of materials, the environmental impact of the products, the adaptability of the products towards a change of human behaviours and so on. Undeniably, architecture can be considered as creation of the combination of culture, social, economy and environmental factors. Each era of civilisation created unique architecture that represented the core values that the civilisations held, and sustainable architecture will become one of the mainstream core values for our new era.

Regen Villages, a new kind of master plan based on residential and agriculture was initiated in the year 2016. The client is Regen Villages Holding B.V., currently based in Netherlands. The project’s concept is simple whereby it is a small town that hosts 100 homes (estimating a population of 500 residents) in a 3.83 acres land. However, the main value proposition is that the town will be a selfsustaining town in terms of food, energy, water and waste management, just like an off-grid Utopia.

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Image: Another way of living in 21st century.

Offering a new way of living rather than just the typical terrace and semi-detached typology is innovative and bold. Awareness to change of working culture is increasing since the advent of internet era whereby people can work at home without the need to go to office. This village can host young families that work in different industries but live in the same community, another scale of coworking space. In addition to that, the town is a duplicable planning system which can be integrated with different context and culture, specifically in the technological application.

Furthermore, the home can generate income for the residents through rental and also agricultural production. It is a village that is capable of becoming pollution free with all the technology integration (particularly fuel less and no emission of greenhouse gas), and decreasing water usage by 90% in comparison with traditional farming with the same amount of yield. IT-integrated infrastructure that enables optimisation usage of all available resources is also one of the most important elements.

In addition, the township has the potential to deliver a viable solution to the impending aging population crisis. With this small and proximate township, it is much easier to provide a flexible healthcare system to take care of the elderly. Rather than staying in a dull and unfamiliar place, the elderly could have a better life living in such town.

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Image: A lifestyle that bring nature nearer to you than never before.

We wish to take the concept into real application in the future design and possible to implement it in Malaysia context. Once again, we will keep on abreast with new technology and improvement so that we can always deliver the quality professional services to all stakeholders, and finally contributing to great civilisation in ASEAN region. Thank you!

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KIM Zhao Wei
Graduate Architect
IPM Professional Services Sdn Bhd

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