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Standard Terms & Conditions


The Company hereby appoints the Associate to be an associate of the Company.

Relationship Between The Parties
Nothing herein will be construed as establishing or creating a relationship of master and servant or agent and principal between the Company and the Associate, it being understood that the position of the Associate undertaking his duties and obligations are that of an independent contractor.

Duties and Responsibilities
As the associate of the Company, the Associate’s duties and responsibilities may include that of the following which shall be performed in a timely manner (subject to the types of services agreed between the Company and the Associate):-

  1. designing and preparing of technical drawing(s) and technical report(s) or preparing contract documentation;
  2. attending consultant meeting(s), site meeting(s) and site inspection(s);
  3. assisting the Company’s submission department in liaising with government agency for all related matters in connection with the submission for any relevant approvals required as and when required;
  4. checking and ensuring the correctness of the drawing(s) and attending to the Endorsement(s) and shall at all times ensure the validity of the relevant licence(s) and prompt renewal;
  5. if necessary, to authorise submission of the drawings by the Company to the relevant authorities under the Associate’s company name; and
  6. any other relevant and inter-related work scope where and when applicable and necessary.


Code of Professional Conduct
The Associate being a Building and Construction Professional shall abide by the code of professional conduct or any such regulations or guidelines in respect of the professional conduct of a Building and Construction Professional as may be prescribed by its respective regulatory board or any other relevant authority.

Consent from your current employer is required.

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