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The right roofs for balanced energy

Source from: New Straits Times, Original Article


THE design of your house, the direction its front entrance faces, the colour of your walls or the grills you install are not the only parts that should have good Feng Shui elements.

The design of the roof is also important. According to Feng Shui practitioners, roof designs that defy symmetry (the quality of being

made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis) are not considered good for Feng Shui.

Some properties, especially those build on bungalow lots, have roof designs that defy symmetry, and this is probably because their architect wants to show his creative side by coming up with unique roof structures.

Potential buyers will often fall in love instantly with such properties without giving a thought or two about Feng Shui effects. This type of roof does not enhance the auspiciousness of a house, especially its internal living space.


• An oversized roof — it will block sunlight and make the interiors too yin.

• A slanted roof-it will divert auspicious Heaven Qi to one side of the house. In turn, the living space in the house will not be evenly nourished by the qi.

• A semi-circular or domed roof — it is considered the cutting edge of a knife.

• A V-shaped roof with it highest points at the sides of the house — This design channels all the Heaven Qi into the centre groove of the roof and will prevent the qi from permeating to the surroundings.

• A flat roof—it will trap Heaven Qi on the rooftop, preventing it from dispersing evenly to the home.

• Roof designs that emulate those of temples and palaces, as these will bring undesirable energies into the home and will undermine the auspiciousness of the living space.

• Avoid roofs that are weakened by age and decay, or are damaged through mistreatments and poor maintenance.


Feng Shui experts say roofs with a well-balanced design, in terms of shape and size, will improve the Feng Shui of a house. The size of the roof must also be proportionate to that of the house.

Roofs can be multi-tiered or staggered. A typical A-shaped roof is also good for Feng Shui.

Common sense will tell you that whatever shape or size you have decided as your roof top, the roof must be strongly constructed to withstand severe weather conditions and should be leak-proof.

It is also important to maintain the roof to prevent physical deteriorations and mossy growth.

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